Peugeot Bicyclette 'Lion', 1893

This Peugeot 'Le Lion model A' has a very special frame, with a cuved down tube.
Marvellous bike with a lot of special details: look at the way the seat tube is attached somewhat in front of the bracket. They did this to built a short frame.

It clearly is the luxury version, with the cushion tyres, hollow rims (French: 'jantes creuses') and tangent spokes. Costed 45 francs more at the time.
I added two pages of the Peugeot catalogues 1892 and 1893. Notice that the drawings are really different! The 1892 model has the old way of attaching the fender stays to the fork. This makes this bike a 1893 model.

This bike has serial number 17513. The front chainwheel has once been changed, thats for sure, but we are lucky the cranks with the beautiful round 'Peugeot freres'-logo are still there.
I made a page mentioning alle featured Peugeot bicycles and more info on serial numbers.

Thanks Harry for the pictures of your marvellous bike!
  1892 1893